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Sarongs from Bali Pareo Wholesale


Sarongs from Bali provide you with all kind of sarongs made in Bali Indonesia. We have complete line of sarongs from handpainted, silk screen to tie dye. Sarong in many country take different names as migrates through various regions, in Indonesia are known as sarung. In part of India Sarong are better known as Mundus. Here they are often less colorful than those from south east Asia and worn for religious and ceremonial purpose. In Saudi Arabia they are known as izaars whereas in Oman they are known as wizaars.

In east Africa Sarongs worn by men are referred as kangas for woman as kikois. There are also various ways in which are individual can wear a sarong. This even holds true for how American woman tie their sarong around their waists. In Somalia sarongs are visually double tied so that they remain firm around his waist. The endless techniques in wearing sarong are heavily influence by both gender and culture.

The word Sarong is from the Malay word for “Covering”. In today society the fashion version sarongs are often brightly colored use as wrap skirt and worn to the beach.Batic is a method decorating fabric.
That has been practiced by natives of Indonesia for centuries.the process of Batik is simple first as design is applied to the fabric using melted way. The fabric is dipped in vegetable dye. The Batik methods are use over 1000 years and were handed down among family members. The Batik method is believed to have been brought to Europe by Dutch trades. In the 19th century western artist are began adopting this art form. Today sarongs are popularized by woman across many beaches of the word as an outer garment covering for swimwear.

Sarongs from Bali

Sarongs from Bali

Presently sarongs are also woven into summer dresses skirt, bridal dresses scarves turbans table/seat covers togas and curtains. The possibilities arise in the use of sarongs are indeed endless.
Tying a sarong is not complicated as it may seem. Tying yours bali sarong just take a little patience, practice experimentation and a relaxed attitude. One of the easiest methods is to tie your sarong pareo bali as a skirt around your waist. However sarongs can be utilized to make quick dresses, swimsuit cover up, scarves turbans and much more.
Sarong is gaining more and more popularity. Especially as our world becomes smaller and we begin to reach out and interact with new cultures meeting, new people and experiencing different ways of living is very exciting. We find wonderful present and treasures along the way. Sarongs are one of these treasures we would like to share with you. It takes many hours of hard work to create a sarong. The process is very long and difficult. Sarongs are created using the art of batik.
The sarong is common wear for woman setting with kebaya blouse. Some people call sarongs handmade creation of Art. Other call sarong bathing suit cover ups.most popular sarong uses : sexy skirt, cover up suit, dress toga,curtains,scarf wall art,table/seat/couch cover,beach blanket,turban fabric to make clothing,up your choice.
Bali Sarongs have many design, flower,animal.star,shapes and other design can you create by your Imagination. Design of sarong year by year always change and more interesting. Bali is one of famous tourist destination has many collection design and color of sarong.

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