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Mandala Sarongs from Bali Indonesia



Mandala sarongs handmade in Indonesia. Made of rayon fabric. With silkscreen printing. Available in wide range of designs and colors. Buy direct from factory in Indonesia. By in bulk quantity and ship by sea freight to your shipping port. Enjoy competitive price and sell to other people in your country.

Here’s information regarding our beach sarongs:

  • Made of 100% rayon fabric, not cotton.
  • Size is 185 to 180 cm wide and 115cm including fringe
  • Weight approximately 0.3 Kg each
  • Minimum order of 100pcs per model per color apply
  • Minimum of 500 pieces of sarongs apply
  • We are flexible, send us email and we will help you to import sarongs direct from factory in Indonesia
  • Pricing available upon request. Send us email.

You are welcome to order our mandala sarongs in other sarongs directly to us. No need to buy trough distributor in your country.

Here’s our catalog of silkscreen printed sarongs including the mandala print. These are some of them. Even more available on our other sites:

Mandala sarongs on http://www.BatikSarong.com

Mandala sarongs on http://www.Pareo-Bali.com

Mandala sarongs on http://www.Pareo-Factory.com

Mandala sarongs on http://www.SarongfromBali.com



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